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What we do

Designer homes are a measured and meticulous confluence of elements such as space, lines and light, blended with principles such as visual balance, rhythm and repetition. Well-thought-out interior spaces never fail to inspire and elevate the human condition; as we thumb through catalogues of bespoke spaces, every image we see leads us to think about how that design fits (or differs) with our current lifestyle, and whether we could see ourselves living in that environ.

Spaces planned out by seasoned interior designers have always been implied as carrying a hefty price tag with it, but that is not always the case. While you are paying a fair sum for the expertise of these designers, there are ways to streamline on the costs involved. With the acquisition of construction materials at scale and an in-house team of skilled craftsmen, we can ensure a faithful realisation of the design, coupled with a solid build quality stemming from years of experience.

Bedroom from the NEU.TRAL Suite.

Our partners

We strive to work with some of the biggest brands in quality designer homeware to bring you the best value.

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