The SL.EEK One

Collaborate x Architology Interiors

The urban layered space.

Suitable for

  • 2-room BTO/Private
  • 3-room BTO/Private
  • 4-room BTO/Private
  • 5-room BTO/Private


The lifestyle component is key in the SL.EEK urban suite, making it less of a conventional home. The dweller habits are subtly nudged towards the enjoyment of the suite space.

Living Room


Luxury comes in crafted proportions. The suite embraces rich layers of functions and style. Crafted details form the language of luxury; this is the very basis of the opulent space.



This suite is the city home to match the high life. The material palette has been re-defined to embody urban living for the city individual.

Living Room


Subtle touches create a soft opulence for the dweller who wants to indulge in quality rest. Strong lines are a basis for the creation of understated luxury.

Master Bedroom